Frequently asked questions

For Players

Intro to RentMyCourt

RentMyCourt is an online booking platform where homeowners list their private courts for an hourly price to community players and coaches. Courts are primarily Tennis and Pickleball but we accept any racquet sport court and even basketball.

Court Owner signs up and lists their court with location, description, photos, price, availability and any restrictions. Your exact home address is never shown publicly.

Players can browse courts by location and type. Once they find a court they like, they request a date and time.

Court Owner gets an email notification about the request and has three days to accept the booking. Court Owner and player can ask and answer questions via the RentMyCourt messaging system.

Court Owner can choose to accept the booking request or deny it.

It’s free to sign up and create a profile. You are only charged once you book your court. The price of the court plus a 7% booking fee on the hour or on the total of the entire booking. For example is the court is $40hr, you will be charged $42.80. 



Yes. Players must be 18 or over to rent a court. If parents are renting for their children, they must accompany them for the duration of the court time and let the court owner know in the private message. 

Managing A Booking Request

If you make a booking 48 hours prior to playing, you can cancel in your inbox and message court owner. If you select “Instant Booking” then you cannot control the cancelation process. You must message the court owner about your request. Service fees may not be refundable. Please review our terms and conditions. 

Court Owners and Players can chat through our private message system, and ask any questions they need. Once Court Owner accepts the booking, they must share their address and any additional rules and details on accessing the court. This should automatically show up in the message once accepted but if you don’t see it for any reason please contact court owner or RentMyCourt. 

In certain circumstances such as rain, thunder, lightning, hail, tornado, or other inclement weather posing danger to the safety of Players, Court Owners and Players should mutually cancel a booking and date should be rescheduled by both parties. Renter will not be double charged for new court time. Under such circumstances, RentMyCourt will not assess a penalty due to the cancellation and will request that the Court Owner accommodate the reservation at a different date within one week of the original Booking date. If Player is from another state and visiting and can’t re-schedule the following week, RentMyCourt will refund the booking.

If the court is too wet, you must reschedule with the player at another date one week from the booking date.

Yes, our platform allows players and coaches to book more than one hour on same day or future dates, but on the same court. 10% discounts may be offered by some court owners on more than 5 hours of bookings. 


RentMyCourt Culture Code - Please read for all renters. 

The court owner has decided to share his/her private court with you. We expect players to treat the court as their own.  Because of this very unique undisturbed and private experience, we expect that the Player(s) will treat all courts with respect and abide by basic court rules and conduct. 

A) No activities other than the sport are allowed on the court. 

B) After your court time you must vacate the property right away. No loitering before or after court time. Players must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before court time and must respect and stay in their cars until prior players are finished playing. Players must also be aware they may have to wait outside driveway for prior players to leave. 

C) No more than four players on the court, unless Court Owner allows Coaches to bring 4 students. 

D) No smoking, recreational drugs, or alcohol on premises or in your car when on court owner property. Failure to do so can result in arrest and banned from our platform. 

E) No photoshoots allowed or parties at this time. 

F) No blasting personal music unless Court Owner allows this. Some courts have bluetooth speakers while others are too close to other properties. Court Owner should let you know if music is allowed. 

G) Tennis shoes that are non-marking are recommended and must check with court owner if they require this. 

H) No garbage. Everything that comes with you must leave with you. 

Yes. Players must be 18 or over to rent a court. If parents are renting for their children they must accompany them for the duration of the court time and let the court owner know in the private message. 

Court Access & Facilities 

Animals & Guests 

Once the Court Owner approves your booking the Court Owner will reveal the address or it will automatically appear in your RentMyCourt inbox if it’s an instant booking. If there are important directions about accessing the court these instructions will also appear in your inbox. 

On the court listing you should see the parking situation and how many spots are available. If you don’t see this, then message the court owner. Any parking directions or information will be emailed to written in your inbox.

You can bring your food and beverages as long as they are kept in coolers or bags. Some Court Owners may have water fountain on court. Renters must clean up after themselves. Smoking, Recreational drugs or alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere on court owner property. 

No.  Before you book please check the court listing if bathroom is available. Not all courts have a bathroom. 

RentMyCourt does not permit animals to join their players. If a player needs to have their service animal with them for medical reasons then let the Court Owner know. They have the right to refuse because this is private property and they may have small children on premises or other dogs that may be a problem. 

You cannot show up with more people than you reserved for. If you must bring a child then they must be on the court with you at all times, and not left in the car. This has to be discussed with the court owner. 

No parties are allowed on private tennis courts at this time. We will be offering an option at some point for Court Owners but our insurance policy does not cover this. Players that violate this can be forced off property by law enforcement and banned from the site going forward.