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For Court Owner Hosts

Intro to RentMyCourt

RentMyCourt is an online booking platform where homeowners list their private courts for an hourly price to community players and coaches. Courts are primarily Tennis and Pickleball but we accept any racquet sport court and even basketball.

Court Owner signs up and lists their court with location, description, photos, price, availability and any restrictions. Your exact home address is never shown publicly.

Players can browse courts by location and type. Once they find a court they like, they request a date and time.

Court Owner gets an email notification about the request and has three days to accept the booking. Court Owner and player can ask and answer questions via the RentMyCourt messaging system.

Court Owner can choose to accept the booking request or deny it.

Yes! It’s free to sign up and list your court. Once your listing is approved you can start booking your court. RentMyCourt takes a 16% commission fee off the total booking price.

How much you earn may range widely based on how often you choose to make your court available, the price you charge per hour, player interest in your court and other factors.

Try our Court Earning Calculator here!

Let’s look at some rough, hypothetical math. This is no guarantee of earnings.

If your court rented out 2 hours a week at $40/hr, it would generate about $298 a month or $3,577 a year after fees.

If your court rented out 4 hours a week at $50/hr, it would generate about $745 a month or $8,944 a year after fees.

If your court rented out 8 hours a week at $75/hr, it would generate about $2,236 a month or $26,832 a year after fees.

RentMyCourt offers general liability insurance for court owners with coverage up to $1M in liability protection for all homeowners who list their court and rent directly through our platform.

We encourage all court owners to review their home insurance coverage prior to listing.

If owners would like to secure additional excess coverage, see how RentMyCourt founders added additional insurance coverage for their family court.

RentMyCourt requires that the player who books your court agree to the terms of service, which include not holding court owners liable for their actions, and must take full responsibility for any injuries occurred while playing.

Managing Booking Request

Yes. Court Owners can reject a booking for any reason other than what we state in our terms if it is legitimate. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, and Court Owner must supply the reason why they are not accepting the booking.

Court Owners and Players can chat through our private message system, and ask any questions they need. Once Court Owner accepts the booking, they must share their address and any additional rules and details on accessing the court.

Players and instructors create an account with a bio, a confirmed email address and a phone number. They also agree to the RentMyCourt terms of service which includes expectations of conduct.

When a renter requests a court, RentMyCourt checks for a credit card transaction approval (but not a charge) before notifying the court owner of the request to play on his or her court.

The court owner can view the reviews other court owners have given the player, if any are available.

The court owner and renter can communicate via our messaging system, asking and answering any questions.

Court owners can choose to approve or not approve players before their credit cards are charged.

Once the Court Owner has approved the booking, the Player has up to 48 hours to get a full refund minus the service fees. Players will have to select “dispute” and then communicate with both RentMyCourt and Homeowner via message to tell them the reason for canceling. Player and Court Owner can also reschedule at a mutually agreed date within one week of court time when possible.

Court Rental canceled after the 48 hour grace period will be charged the full amount of the Total Price.

In certain circumstances such as rain, thunder, lightning, hail, tornado, or other inclement weather posing danger to the safety of Players, Court Owners and Players should mutually cancel a booking and date should be rescheduled by both parties. Renter will not be double charged for new court time. Under such circumstances, RentMyCourt will not assess a penalty due to the cancellation and will request that the Court Owner accommodate the reservation at a different date within one week of the original Booking date. If Player is from another state and visiting and can’t re-schedule the following week, RentMyCourt will refund the booking.

If the court is too wet, you must reschedule with the player at another date one week from the booking date.

Creating My Court Listing

Consider pricing your court comparable to similar tennis and racquet clubs in your town or city. The minimum you can list your court is for $30/hr and can range upwards to over $100/hr for a unique court in pristine condition. The average court price range is $50/hr to $100/hr. You can always adjust the price at any time.

Courts should be in good to excellent condition, meaning structurally safe and free of major surface cracks. RentMyCourt requires courts to be maintained by the owner to the best of their abilities. The degree, frequency, amount and cost of maintenance vary depending on the type of surface installed.

Please make sure your court has been inspected by your local maintenance company and any major repair is complete before renting. Any leaves or debris should always be removed from the court by the Court Owner, on a daily basis if needed. Clay courts need additional maintenance like brushing of surface and lines.

No. Restrooms are not necessary, but please make sure to answer that in your description, and we suggest it could be a good idea to tell them where the closest public bathroom, or coffee shop may be located in proximity to the court, as a good alternative

Many court owners have security cameras on their property. This is not a problem, but please say so in your listing under the checkmark box.

On the upper right corner click the image with your profile and initials. A menu will appear, click on the “Listing” icon and you will see your current court listing. To review your content click on the “Display Name” link and you should be able to edit and save as necessary.

When a player successfully plays on your court, you are automatically paid.

Payments are managed via the leading payment system Stripe. 

Stripe is a trusted and secure payment system used by millions of companies, including Google, Amazon and Shopify.  

Stripe automatically deposits your payment to your bank account.

This is optional, but some people who sell online ask their bank to create an additional bank account just for their online Stripe payments. This way they have things separate and not worry about it. 



No, but if you’d like to be there, it’s up to you.

We recommend that you put some kind of laminated signage on your court entrance that has the following information for your players.

  • Your address. This comes in handy for Uber pick ups or emergency calls.
  • Your cell phone or home number in case there is a question.
  • 911 and closest Hospital Name and Address.
  • RentMyCourt number 978-219-9275 and email address [email protected].
  • Any other rules or messages you want clearly viewed upon arrival at the court.

Yes. If a court owner sees any misconduct on the property or players are not abiding to the rules of RentMyCourt or specific Owner rules and regulations, the court Owners have the right to ask players to leave if they are home.

If the Players do not respond or stop their actions (loud noises such as yelling, or playing music, or too many players not previous accounted for in rental reservation, but not limited to these items) they have the right to call law enforcement and report the issue.

You must write a review of this person and let us know, so we can terminate or give warning to Player. Players who create problems could lose all privileges to using RentMyCourt in the future.

Court Owners