Rent out your home racket court

Rent out your tennis or other racket court while helping your community.

Take advantage of your home court

Let your court create income for you when you're not using it. We make it super easy.
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Your court earns extra income

Your court can help pay for itself. From booking, to insurance, to getting paid, we make it easy.
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Continue using your property

Rent out your court as much or little as you like. And because just one part of your property generates revenue - your court - continue to use your home as you normally do.
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Help spread tennis and other sports in your community

Offer your tennis, racquetball, squash, paddle tennis, pickleball or other racket court and give your community more options to discover, play and excel.

How it works

1 List your court

Add information and photos. Choose your price and any blackout dates. Your property address remains private until reservation is confirmed.

2 Accept reservations

Guests will review your listing and request to reserve. You can choose to chat with guests and view their user reviews before accepting to make sure you are comfortable with each reservation.

3 Be home, or not. It's up to you.

Generate revenue from just your court, while continuing to use your home as you normally do. Hosts don't need to be home during reservations, but, of course, can be if they wish.

4 Get paid

Guests are securely charged upfront by RentMyCourt. Your payout is deposited after each booking.

Rent your tennis court out

How we support you

High guest standards

Guests agree to guest policies. Hosts can view guest reviews and chat with them before confirming each reservation.

Host support

Our Host Support staff are here to help hosts with any issues and help answer any questions you may have.

White glove listings

We can help you get your court listed with our optional White Glove service. Contact us to see if we can help you list your court.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RentMyCourt work?

Court Owner signs up and lists their court with location, description, photos, price, availability and any restrictions. Your exact home address is never shown publicly.

Players can browse courts by location and type. Once they find a court they like, they request a date and time.

Court Owner gets an email notification about the request and has three days to accept the booking. Court Owner and player can ask and answer questions via the RentMyCourt messaging system.

Court Owner can choose to accept the booking request or deny it.

What types of courts can I rent out?

Any playing court. Tennis, Pickleball, Paddle, Basketball, Racquetball, and Squash.

Can I decline a booking request?

Yes. Court Owners can reject a booking for any reason other than what we state in our terms if it is legitimate. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, and Court Owner must supply the reason why they are not accepting the booking.

What about court protections and insurance?

All court owners should review their insurance coverage prior to listing, as some homeowner insurance policies may exclude coverage for any rental activity.

RentMyCourt does not currently offer court owners insurance. We are reviewing options for offering insurance in the future.

See how RentMyCourt founders added additional insurance coverage for their family court.

RentMyCourt requires that the Player who books agree to the terms of service, which include not holding court owners liable for their actions, and must take full responsibility for any injuries occurred while playing.

Is it free to list my court?

Yes! It’s free to sign up and list your court. Once your listing is approved you can start booking your court. RentMyCourt charges a small commission fee for bookings.

How much might my court earn?

How much you earn may range widely based on how often you choose to make your court available, the price you charge per hour, player interest in your court and other factors.

Let's look at some rough, hypothetical math. This is no guarantee of earnings.

If your court rented out 2 hours a week at $40/hr, it would generate about $298 a month or $3,577 a year after fees.

If your court rented out 4 hours a week at $50/hr, it would generate about $745 a month or $8,944 a year after fees.

If your court rented out 8 hours a week at $75/hr, it would generate about $2,236 a month or $26,832 a year after fees.

How should I price my court?

Consider pricing your court comparable to similar tennis and racquet clubs in your town or city. The minimum you can list your court is for $30/hr and can range upwards to over $100/hr for a unique court in pristine condition. The average court price range is $50/hr to $100/hr. You can always adjust the price at any time.

Court owners,
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